political42 commented on Kerrville home project hits snag

Affordable housing? I think not. A 200k home would carry a mortgage, taxes, and insurance of around $1200 a month. According to the city, affordable housing for those making between 48k and 72k. Statistics say that your housing should not cost more than 30% of your income. So if you make …

I also have not attended a council meeting in the new city hall. I do watch them, and that tells me all I need to know. Decisions are made prior to meetings. Very little of substance is discussed. It is the real estate council. If something has value to the real estate community, it will …

political42 commented on 510 homes could be coming to Kerrville

Is this the affordable housing that the mayor is talking about? According to the RFP that was published, affordable housing is for those households making between 48k and 72k a year. I doubt that these homes will help those at 48k.

Here is an opportunity for KDT to do some investigative work rather than vanilla reporting. Ever since the the Stork incident, transparency is absent from the police department. I wonder if we will get the same silence on this and the shooting on Sidney Baker?

When will there be a discussion of what affordable housing is? Is it apartments at $800, $1000? Is it homes at $150k? Is it rental homes at $900? Our mayor and his realtor oriented council keep talking about it. $1300 apartments in the latest handout by the city would appear to be for tho…

$1300 for rent. Well that is real affordable housing. And to think, the city ponied up a big pile of money. Is this what the mayor considers affordable? Or is this the real estate council doing their thing?

political42 commented on Improving BT Wilson a KISD priority

We need a little money spent on preparing students to enter BT Wilson. The report of student progress at this school is disturbing.

Is this a problem created at BT Wilson or is it the schools that are sending students to Wilson that are failing? KISD is supposed to be better than this.

One has to wonder why this ordinance is even up for discussion. Is it because of the sign put up by the Chamber? Or the one put up at Tivy stadium. Are they larger than the current regulation?

political42 commented on Lots expected to shrink in Kerrville

What is affordable housing? Does density of homes create affordable housing? I think not. It allows builders to build the same home for less cost, due to the cost of land. This will not change the landscape for affordable housing.