Another example of sophomoric writing - not to be called reporting- by the KDT staff. I love the statement "Many in the aircraft industry are not hopeful that Mooney will return." Many in this case are the words of one aviation pundit. Oh, by the way, last I saw there are employees workin…

Nothing from the AG on the FOI request to see the video?

Kind of odd they haven't gotten around to visiting with the witnesses. I am aware of one witness who has not been contacted for any followup. Just the initial visit with the KPD investigator at the scene.

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I am guessing this was not a news story, but something on the editorial page. But then the Times does have a somewhat relaxed approach to journalism.

I was saddened to read the concept of replacing single family residences with multi-family commercial operations. Those who bought homes in single family residential neighborhoods should not have to fight to maintain the "integrity" of their neighborhoods.

A look at green fees vs taxpayers expenses is not a valid analysis of this money pit. One must review the revenues received at the pro shop as well for locker rental, beverage sales, cart rental, etc.. In the past the operators had a pretty cushy setup with the city allowing them to rake …

guessing this writer never went to j-school. Not a single attribution on any of the articles/stories on the Olympic trials. Worse though, is the fact that editor or editors allowed such to go through. Community journalism at its finest.

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Comments critical of the writing not allowed I see.

PistolPositive commented on Schreiner’s McBee in the lead at trials

Would be more professional if the writer (obviously not a journalist) would attribute superlatives. But then again I don't recall seeing a single attribution in the article or tale.

I had a co-worker verify that the youth (or man as the Times reports) was indeed autistic. Suspect that won't be made widely known unless a larger state or national news organization dives in to the story.