GENE here: law and order? seriously? from the most corrupt president and admnistration in our history. from a man that encourages armed people to act as vigilantes. do you remember George Wallace? our first law and order candidate.

by every standard of measurement, trump is a disaster.

GENE here: once again, 2 factual posts not in print, but unsupported right wing opinions okay. facts must indeed be scary things to you guys.

GENE here: so once again I do some research and posted some facts with no insults. yet once again, not printed. do you guys have some problem with factual information.?

GENE here: I dont mind going out on a limb. I think cases will increase. Herd immunity is highly questionable. I trust scientists , even those that are overly cautious.

GENE here: ella, i have given many examples of trumps lies. you can actually do your own homework as fact check sites can lay out over 20k for you, just for starters. but lets do a recent example: he lied about the corona virus. yeah, I know, heroically he was trying to prevent panic (and…

GENE here: democrats are just as staunch capitalists as republicans.

The current republicans have increased the size and reach of govt undern trump.

Low taxes for whom? The already wealthy? How does that benefit our nation?

Depends on the regulation. Many regulations hav…

GENE here: and I have to add, just to point out how illogical your rants are. this was just announced recently, yet you ask where the democrats were 2 years ago when the remarks were supposedly made. surely you see the illogic of that. how could they have made a comment when they didnt kn…

GENE here: sorry-the term was millions of unauthorized voters. just simply amazing bs.

GENE here: trumps plan was to downplay the seriousness of the situation, have the feds do very little, and put it all off on the states. that way he could avoid any blame but try to take any credit.

as to panic, the american people are not all stupid. it would have been quite approp…

GENE here: this is my 6th post to state that there were 4 sources, not just one. that is called corroboration. the first 60 articles on Watergate used anonymous sources. that is quite common to avoid retaliation.

I have to ask the screeners, Richards statement was incorrect. my stat…