GENE here. Didnt Ivanka get like 11 copyrights in china while trump was railing against them? and how about that trump bank account in china?

GENE here: where did you read that Richard?

GENE here: second try to put a little accurate history out there. in that day, the dems were the conservatives and the republicans the liberals. far more accurate to say that the conservatives were the slave owners, they fought a war to keep them enslaved, and they founded the KKK to terr…

GENE here: I recently heard a trump administration official say that the proof of something is that there is no evidence of it.

GENE here: the main thing they have done is to finally resist the hard right turn that republicans took some years ago. what we expect is some rational, fact based thinking in our leadership, and once again we are disappointed.

JFK indeed.

GENE here: you would be more correct to say that conservatives were the racist founders of the KKK. the republican party was the liberal party at the time. the transition began in the late 1800s, and was completed when the south turned republican. it is truly hard for me to believe that t…

GENE here: but on the plus side, we now have bragging rights as to #1, surpassing that liberal den of sodom, Calif.

GENE here: Somehow your post doesnt seem related to the topic. The truth is out there indeed, but it eludes many as they are too blind to see. this 77 yo former republican saw the light years ago.

GENE here: the press has actually taken it quite easy on our criminal in chief. lots of stuff has blown right on by.

why do you think trump said he loved the uneducated? perhaps because they are not well informed and easy to con?

GENE here yet again: and let me add, my post addressed the extremes. of course the radial left wants to make this country more socialist, just as the radial right wants to make it more authoritarian. you must have missed that I was talking about outliers, those on the extremes. that would…