Paul Cassel

I'd like to know if they simply tested positive or were symptomatic and what is the prognosis. For example, at what point of them isolating will they, if not symptomatic, be considered clear of the virus?

Do those sheltering in place with them go out? If not, how do they get supplie…

All this harping on it being 'unproven' as if this is some quack cure is clearly another attempt by the MSM to discredit the president. In this case, the FDA has approved its use in a trial basis. That's hardly the same as it being some sort of alternative medicine. Here's a link since:

so if you're a match, what happens?

I agree with trose. The question is idiotic. Of course climate changes. The issue if the current changing has anything to do with human activity during the past few years.

I agree. The plan to distort the economy by selective subsidies only serves to give an illusion of cheap retail pricing. It’s not cheap but rather the burden is partly shifted onto the taxpayer. I feel I pay enough taxes, thank you, and definitely do not wish to have any increase so some …