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I've been preparing for this for years and I've been trying to get others to do the same. I'm prepared to shelter in for the entire summer. Even if Covid-19 burns itself out, Covid-20 is on the horizon.

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He has allowed Mankind the technological capability to play God. Is he asleep at the wheel, or is it part of the 'plan'?

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You need to catch up, Conservative. In the 70's we were told we were headed for an Ice Age. While the population 'bomb' did go off, the resulting 'damage' did not. Leftists are in fact advocating population reductions and no one is labeling them racist.

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Mr. Coleman, You and the other Dems are pushing impeachment because you know Trump can't be beat in a fair or Dem-rigged election. Foreign influence in our elections screams Clintons, not Trump.

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Logical reasoning? Really, Gene? There is nothing logical about liberal reasoning or policies. You mix cherry-picked facts and opinion and call it truth. Much easier than actually presenting a fact-based argument.

The problem I see is that builders make more profit with higher-end homes. Their profit margin is very small on "affordable" housing, so incentives may be necessary.

I also do not believe that everyone is entitled to a single-family dwelling in a nice neighborhood. You should have…

Armadillo commented on September 4, 2019

I quoted you Gene. The text is right there. Nothing needs to be evaluated if the officer did nothing wrong. Current policy might make the next doped up bully think twice about being a doped up bully.

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After questioning his actions, you stated " I think part of the problem is either lack of or very poor training in how to intervene with people who are in distress." You were not referring to a routine reevaluation of general training. You automatically assumed he did something wrong.

Armadillo commented on September 4, 2019

Come on, Gene. The only reason we are having this discussion is the assumption by you and others that the Officer did something wrong. IA grilled Sgt. Hal Degenhardt unmercifully. There was a witness. His body cam and the camera in the car caught everything. He did nothing wrong. He defen…

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The issue of gun control is and has always been your (liberals) misunderstanding of the Second Amendment and your (liberals) misguided and failed attempts to fix the perceived problem.

Training is NOT the issue until or unless it is determined that the officer did somethi…