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A gun and knife show is hardly a reason to end the mask mandate. Of course this would be a place that wearing would not be observed. On the other hand, when I go to HEB or Walmart, most everyone is properly wearing a mask. Last Sunday when I was in HEB, I saw only one man with his mask un…

ms keller and ms tanner good good comments - we need to vote the next election as they should not be in that position I thank you both keep it up

feel 2 2 early

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being in the area for over 30 yrs i found the dept to be very good and true to the people of kerrville - i wld have liked to see them protect themselves more some feel the mask is a sign of being weak --my question was the paper accepted by comment and a few minutes later no post reported…

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one mask

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i posted one mask - this red neck rag does not what to show it what a loser of a rag in a free world or are we

the only problem i have with the guy being arrested - i find their is always a big mouth under the hat

the state was under reporting 700 deaths from the virus - how did we not know the numbers were sweep under abbotts rug