Heart of the Hills

Mark Vega and Edward Trevino pause to reflect on their upcoming putts during the final round of the Heart of the Hills Tournament on Friday at the Scott Schreiner Golf Course.

Edward Trevino called his good friend Mark Vega at some point in 2018, asking for a favor. For the past 15 years, Trevino had been playing in Kerrville’s Heart of the Hills 72-hole golf tournament, but had recently lost his playing partner. He wanted to know if Vega had any interest in being his new partner.

Vega agreed to play with Trevino during the 2018 Heart of the Hills Tournament. They performed pretty well, but in 2019, they decided to win the whole thing. Trevino and Vega finished with a four-day score of 266 to win the championship flight on Friday at the Scott Schreiner Golf Course, narrowly edging out the score of second-place team Zach Martin and Chris McMillion (267)

“Mark and I have a really good vibe with each other,” Trevino said. “You have to feed off the other person — you have to have a good relationship. Four days is a long time. And we have that. I knew that playing with Mark we would feed off that.

“Everyone here is just really good people.”

Here are the top scores from each flight.

Championship Flight

1. Edward Trevino and Mark Vega — 266

2. Zach Martin and Chris McMillion — 267

3. John Hext and Brandt Kunz — 270

First Flight

1. Scott and Wayne Tibbitts — 256

2. Bud and Greg Bartels — 269

3. Randy Jones and Bryan Davis —270

Second Flight

T1. Randy and Brandon Caldwell — 276

T1. Buddy Boyd and Chess Hobbs — 276

T1. Lloyd Tibbitts and Chris Truesdale — 276

Third Flight

1. Charlie Johnson and Tom Fierst — 265

T2. Ned Brown and Jaime Hernandez — 269

T2. Terry Jacobs and Scott Clay — 269

Fourth Flight

1. Corey Freed and Zach Hahn — 270

2. Mando and John Gutierrez — 272

3. Blake Warren and Tod Fields — 275

Fifth Flight

1. Cole and Chet Linewebber — 27

2. T2. Mark Hensley and David Danielson — 274

3. T2. Jerry Oliver and Clay Robertson — 274\

T2. JImmy Heimann and Don Stehling

Sixth Flight

1. Richard Briggs and John Williams — 280

2. Terry and Brandon Maxey — 283

3. Jesse Cerda and Roland Villarreal — 286

Seventh Flight

1. Uyless Ray and Jimmie Houdek — 286

2. Greg Maxey and Daryl Herring — 288

3. Gordon Honganen and Dan Ehrenreich — 296

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