For the last several years, Tivy has possessed one of the best baseball programs in Texas. Other coaches in the state are starting to notice.

The Antlers relied on sterling performances from several players throughout the postseason to advance to the regional semifinals for the third straight season. As a result, Tivy coach Chris Russ discovered on Tuesday that the Texas High School Coaches Association had placed Brady Delgado (second-team first base), Colten Drake (second-team outfield) and Cole Miears (third-team shortstop) on its all-state teams. He sent a message to all three congratulating them on their achievement.

“I was excited to see all three guys on there,” Russ said. “When you are in the final 16 teams left playing, and especially when you’ve done it for a couple years in a row, it looks good and your players get recognized for that. It definitely helps being one of the 16 teams left playing because if you are not in the playoffs, it’s hard to get a kid on the all-state team. You have to get in the playoffs, play well and go deep in the playoffs. … I’m excited that guys got honored. They had a heck of a year.”

Indeed, all three made contributions at the plate, on the mound and in the field to help Tivy win. All three players registered batting averages over .300; they all logged at least 35 innings pitching for Tivy and they all posted an ERA lower than 2.00.

The best news for the Antlers? Miears and Drake will return for a senior season. Russ also believes he has several all-state candidates returning as well.

“(Junior pitcher) Coleson Abel is another one I thought had a chance to get on an all-state team; (Sophomore catcher) Travis White was another one,” Russ said. “Those guys had good seasons and put up big numbers. They are both sophomores, so they will definitely have a chance to get on an all-state team in the next two years. (And Drake and Miears) coming back is huge as far as leadership goes because we are going to have to replace Brady. 

“Those guys being successful this year will help their confidence going into next season.”

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