Throughout the summer we have brought you stories from summer camps across the Hill Country, but at Schreiner University we came across a one-of-a- kind-camp. SU head coach Howard Wallace is hosting a camp to help prepare
high school girls for what comes with playing sports in college.

“Not only will this camp be focused on skills, but
we will have presentations on what you need to do for class work, what coaches are looking for when you go out and play and when you become a freshman, just how much harder it is,” said Wallace.

Girls from across the state came to the camp with many staying overnight in the student dorms to add to the learning experience. The camp also shows the girls what skills can help you get recruited and different drills to help prevent injury.

“We want the girls to understand how a college fits them. Take Schreiner, Texas or UTSA. All three are great, but they are also different. We want to help them understand what they are looking for in a school,” Wallace said.

The uniqueness of the camp came from a simple place, really just noticing a need.

“Even players who have come to Schreiner as freshmen — just some of the things they struggle with. If they knew about them ahead of time, it would help them prepare, they would have less stress and be more successful,” Wallace said.

The campers were given handouts to take home on how to deal with certain situations regarding recruiting and general information about colleges.

With all of the new information, skill development and short exposure to some college life, the camp has one main goal.

“We want the girls to gain confidence and a true understanding of what it’s going to take to get to their senior year and start looking at colleges.

We want to help them get to whatever college they end up picking. If they come to Schreiner, that’s a good thing, but this camp isn’t about them coming to Schreiner,” Wallace said. 

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