Tivy receiver Brooks McCoy makes a catch and move the ball to the Tiv four yardline Friday against Dripping Springs.

With 1:29 remaining in the fourth, the Tivy fans fell silent as senior receiver Brooks McCoy remained crumpled on the turf.

McCoy was a victim of a nasty head-on collision with Fredericksburg’s Jarrett Beard. The hit left McCoy lying motionless on the ground for several moments. He eventually rose to his feet, but needed assistance from Tivy trainers (Amy Sralla and Jordan Derrick) as he walked back to the Tivy sidelines.

It was a scary way to end what had been a fantastic evening for McCoy, who had eight receptions for 188 yards and three touchdowns. But there are several encouraging signs that his injury isn’t too serious. He was coherent after the game. He hugged his family members, socialized with his friends and even playfully teased his coach.

Jones asked McCoy if he knew where he was at that moment

“Aren’t we in Kerrville?” McCoy replied before smirking.

Sources close to McCoy (his mother Brandy McCoy) also told the Daily Times that he is still nursing a sllight headache, and spent the weekend resting, but remained in good spirits. He watched Monday’s practice. If he had his way, he would play in the Antlers’ game at Del Rio on Friday.

Tivy will know more about his official status when he visits the doctor today, although it’s safe to assume that he will at least miss the Antlers’ game against the Rams.

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