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· 200 words with no picture - $45
· 200 words with one-column picture in black and white - $75 ($275 in color)
· 200 words with two-column picture in black and white - $125 ($325 in color)
· 450 words with two-column picture in black and white - $200 ($400 in color)
· 6-columns with three pictures, 450 words in black and white - $400 ($600 in color)

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A poll by the University of Texas and the Texas Tribune found that 66% of Texans believe climate change is happening. Only 23% say it’s not happening and the rest were undecided. Like a poll asked by the same group on immigration, the divisions of opinion are split sharply along political affiliation. The poll found that 88% of those identifying as Democrats, along with 74% identifying as independents said climate change was happening. The poll found that 44% of Republicans agreed with Democrats and independents on the issue while 42% said it was not happening. Republicans also led the way when it comes to being undecided with 14% of the GOP here saying they weren’t sure.

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