Gov. Greg Abbott made it clear that he's not going to make face masks mandatory, but said that county judges can tell businesses that it can be required of patrons or customers. In Bexar County, the judge there issued a mask order and a $1,000 fine for businesses that didn't enforce the requirement. Do you think that should be applied in Kerr County?

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The comments made by the commissioners show a lack of concern for their constituents. Just a strong stance on wearing masks would have been better than their comments.

Renée Lofaso

I couldn't agree more with you, James... Didn't you just love the initial comment by Judge Kelly, " as you can see, I'm wearing my mask again...because my wife insisted I do!" So, what it appears to say is, I don't actually take this seriously, but my wife does, and well "a happy wife..." citizens perspective "um, thanks.... I think!?"

John Burkhart

There is contradictory information regarding the usefulness of masks. Environment favorable to the virus is the most important thing. A mask may give people a certain sense of safety, but that's all it is, it flies in the face of NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) Warfare Training and information I have seen. The masks were based on the idea, "we have to do something", in the concern Hospitals will be quickly overflowing and treatment will not be able to handle the volume. That is not a concern now, that is not going to happen. If fact some hospitals have folded, have they not? The fact that seniors in centers, air conditioned to maintain a cool climate, transported in air conditioned vehicles, to airconditioned facilities - all directly recirculating the air from everybody present - keeps them in an incubator, are they not wearing masks except when eating or drinking? The numbers nationwide bear that out it is their situation putting them at risk. There were tests I read about in the 70's, when aerosol weapons were being talked about being a thing. The military was stunned at the findings. Bottom line, an organism that is speculated to last 72 hrs. in favorable environmental conditions, is exhausted out the top and sides of your mask with light air circulation present, it is taking off. If you think that mask is saving you from inhalation? Poison gas is a more dense particle that a virus, wear that fabric mask in a poison gas attack and you will die. Wearing a mask rated for a Surgeon, sounds reasonable: A surgical theater has air proper air filtration systems, and the strict protocols are followed to keep the working area sterile. The mask retards direct, linear, delivery. Even then, getting an infection as a result of surgery is not uncommon. There are countries who followed the herd mentality approach, how are they doing? Examine all those things: Let common sense be your guide.

Ken Applegate

Common sense should rule. It is escalating. According to the science people, it can stop a pre-symptomatic you from spreading unknowingly and possibly putting someone in the hospital or worse yet, kill them or even an associated family member. It's not that tough a thing to do.

Steve odell

Right on, Ken. I went down to the tax office in Ingram and the ladies there said they didn't have to wear a mask.

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