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From my view, the confiscation and privatization for profit of the Guadalupe River stands out as a prominent symbol of a compromised Sheriff’s department under the leadership of Hierholzer and prior Sheriffs. The two principal offenders are Camp Mystic and Lynx Haven Lodge. This should be put on the table as a campaign issue. There is a segment of the population that is getting fed up with the response “well….I never heard of this issue” and other sidestepping maneuvers by LE, to include our DA’s. Will any candidates even acknowledge this issue, or will it be buried under a litany of campaign jabber and softball issues? For newcomers, powerful local Bosses have erected fences across the one the most scenic stretches of the river, and this portion has been ruled to be a public waterway by statute. The offenders then rent out section of the river for big, big bucks, all the while protected by Hierholzer and others. This has been going on for decades and has been tested all the way to the Texas Supreme Court, but the locals refuse to enforce the law when it comes to the local bosses. Will the new Sheriff start to root out this type of corruption, or will it be business as usual? Will the new DA facilitate a suit for recovery of back rent on the confiscated portions of the river?


This will certainly be interesting to watch moving forward.

Mary Lou Shelton

I dont canoe anymore, but my observations fit quite well with Conservatives comments. Lots of illegal fencing on the river and also no parking signs on tax payer owned land. gene

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