Managing decisions

Mayor Bill Blackburn, center speaks Monday to inform the public that a declartaiotn of emergency had been declared for the city of Kerrville. At left is Kerr County Judge Rob Kelly, and at right is Cory Edmondson, CEO/President of Peterson Regional Medical Center.

Hospital and local government officials will make a joint announcement on Thursday morning that could lead to stricter stay-at-home orders for residents of Kerr County, or match the guidance that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott gave on Tuesday to address the surging coronavirus pandemic. 

On Tuesday night, Kerr County Judge Rob Kelly said the public is to heed the governor's order issued Tuesday, which directs all Texans to minimize non-essential gatherings and in-person contact with people who are not in the same household. Also on Tuesday, Kerrville Mayor Bill Blackburn said that a “shelter-in-place order was on the table.”  

The announcement will be livestreamed over at 10:30 a.m. on the city’s website,

It also can be viewed on Channel 2. The event is closed to the general public due to limitations of 10 people or less in a single space. 

On Tuesday, Kerr County registered its first case of COVID-19, when a worker at Peterson Health tested positive. The first case in Gillespie County was also recorded that day. 

Texas coronavirus infections topped 4,000 on Wednesday with 64 dead, but the federal government has warned that the spread could become worse if it’s not contained by social distancing measures. 

Abbott’s order was to keep all non-essential workers home but that’s also a broad list of careers. However, Kelly has the authority to issue a much tighter restriction on activities if he chooses. Blackburn can do the same in the city of Kerrville. 

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