Warren, Xavier Diamante

Xavier Diamante Warren, after a 10/11/2019 arrest.

A Kerrville man was sentenced to six years in prison this week for breaking into the home of a woman he knew and choking her, and also for later possessing cocaine and evading arrest with a vehicle.

Xavier Diamante Warren, born in 1996, appeared before 198th District Judge Melvin “Rex” Emerson Jr. on June 24 and admitted to violating probation on the felony assault, burglary and evading arrest charges, in addition to the more recent charge of cocaine possession. The burglary and assault were committed on Jan. 1, 2016, according to court records, and the evading arrest happened on Sept. 28, 2016. Emerson convicted Warren and gave him concurrent six-year sentences on the charges.

In December 2016, following guilty pleas by Warren, Emerson had given Warren the chance to avoid felony convictions on the burglary and assault charges. Warren signed a 10-year probation agreement in which he promised not to violate the law, but he was arrested on March 6, 2017, by a sheriff’s deputy on accusations of possessing cocaine, marijuana, synthetic marijuana; and dexmethylphenidate hydrochloride without a prescription, according to records. He also was accused of possessing other drugs such as Ecstasy but it appears he wasn’t charged.

Warren also admitted to violating other terms of probation, including by evading arrest and possessing marijuana in San Antonio — he was arrested by SAPD in August 2019 — failing to report to his probation officer for many months from 2017 to 2019, failing to notify his probation officer of a change in address, failing to submit to urinalysis drug testing three times, falling to pay fees for his court-appointed attorney, failing to pay probation fees, falling to pay court costs, failing to report income and expenses to the probation office, failing to perform any of the required 200 hours of community service, and failing to enroll and successfully complete a batterer’s intervention prevention program as ordered.

Warren's pending misdemeanor charges include terroristic threat, vehicle burglary, possession of dangerous drugs, bail jumping and failure to appear in court, marijuana possession and possession of synthetic marijuana.

Emerson credited about 400 days to Warren’s sentence for time spent in jail awaiting court hearings. Warren had been in the county jail since Oct. 11, 2019, without bond on the felony charges, due to the then-alleged probation violations and accusations of violating bond following his release from jail in March 2017.

Warren was in the county jail as of Friday awaiting disposition of his misdemeanors, but it’s unclear when he would be transferred to prison, due to coronavirus measures preventing inmates from being transferred to state facilities, where outbreaks have occurred.

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