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With reference to the Sept. 24 Daily Times editorial cartoon, “Wildfire,” that depicted a character with his pants on fire, wearing a shirt emblazoned with “Climate Change = Hoax!!,” I don’t believe that man-made  climate change is a “hoax,” but there have been  recent media reports that raise questions about its scientific verity. 

An item published by the San Antonio Express-News on September 13 reported that, according to Meg Krawchuk, a professor at Oregon State’s College of Forestry, the fires in western Oregon were caused by dry conditions that were “most likely . . . exacerbated by climate change . . .”. But Casandra Moseley, chief research officer at the University of Oregon and a professor at its institute for a Sustainable Environment, said that “The Tillamook Burn, a series of fires in 1933 that destroyed hundreds of thousands of acres, probably was as bad as the current fires . . .”. It was not reported whether man-made climate change may have caused or exacerbated the 1933 fires.

An item published by the Express-News on April 17 reported that “A 20-year-long drought in the western U.S. is becoming the deepest drought in the region in the more than 200 years, and, according to the journal Science, about half of the drought can be blamed on man-made global warming.” It was reported also that the only other drought that was of equal or greater severity began in 1575 and ended by 1620. It was not reported whether any amount of man-made global warming can be blamed for that drought.

Bob Barton, Kerrville


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GENE here: Mr. Barton, like many you seem to confused weather with climate, but in your case it is comparing one large fire years ago to multiple large fires today. And of course climate change was not mentioned in the 30s as the drastic spikes in temperature over the long haul were not occurring then.

Scientists are careful with their words and they do not confuse one event with multiple ones, hence the use of phrases such as seems to, contributes to, etc.

Not a direct quote of Chip Roy, but close enough when he said it is illogical to think that the actions of 7 billion people do not affect the climate.

As to droughts-they have come and gone for years, but they were not accompanied by prolonged periods of above average temperature. Invasive insects have advanced northwards and much of the fires are due to dead trees.

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