Recycling center needs cooperation of residents

An employee with Republic Services checks the recycling bins at the drop-off facility on Loop 534. On Friday, employees tagged carts with information sheets about what counted as recycling and what did not.

The city will end the recycling drop-off service at the landfill starting May 4, due to various factors such as the pandemic.

But the city’s contractor, Republic Services, will continue to offer recycling collection for businesses, single- and multi-family households, according to a press release from the city.

“The recycling drop-off site located at the landfill/transfer station has been continuously evaluated for ways to minimize escalating operating costs, which are used by anyone at no cost but funded entirely by the city’s general fund,” states the press release. “Due to the current state of economic uncertainty resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and its direct negative impacts to city finances, the city is no longer able to fund this extra service.”

Other reasons for the closure of the recycling drop-off site include changes in the international recycling industry, according to the city. 

“These changes include both reduced demand for certain recyclable materials and decreased market values for others, including glass, plastics and newsprint,” the release states. “A major contributor to these changes has been the decisions of other countries to stop importing recyclable materials, which has led to a major market disruption and the closure of many recycling drop-off facilities that are now experiencing significant economic losses.”

Those who don’t receive on-site recycling collection services and are interested in doing so can contact Republic Services at 210-304-2700. 

“As the city is made aware of other private companies providing recycling collection services in the community, the city’s solid waste webpages will be updated,” states the release.

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Ronald Hackett

Any reduction in any reduced or eliminated programs should also be reflected in billing

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