The county commissioners court decided unanimously to refrain from requiring businesses to mandate face masks for employees and customers.

The court voted Monday morning to keep face mask wearing voluntary after receiving about two dozen comments from members of the public, in person and by telephone. Many additional, written comments also were submitted, officials said.

Those who supported the proposal included a consortium of downtown Kerrville businesses, a former county judge, and at least one senior citizen who said she felt unsafe traveling from her home unless people were required to wear masks. 

Those who opposed the proposal included Kerr County Sheriff W.R. "Rusty" Hierholzer, several business owners, and a mother who said eight of her 10 children have asthma and can't wear masks. 

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Ken Applegate

Interesting vote and very counter to the reader's poll here. True, this will likely make the infection numbers increase beyond what they would have increased to and also true that the recovery rate is around 98pct. I guess that wouldn't make a difference unless you or your family is in that 1-2pct range, then it's a huge problem. Since I view this as a science problem and not a political one, I tend to side with the scientists. According to the vote, apparently I am in the minority.

Michael Barr

Both my wife and I are in the high risk category for covid. Up until now we could still go out to eat at a few places because the staff wore a mask. Now it looks like we will be relegated to carry out / drive through. As an Army Vet I trained in heavier duty masks that make the normal surgical style look like a tissue. We wore them for hour in training and not one of us suffered from lack of oxygen. Seems folks around here are made of less stern stuff.

Suzanne Wyss

Thank you County Commissioners for voting no on forcing businesses to require their customers to wear masks. It was so encouraging to watch and listen to the Sheriff, business owners and factually informed citizens make the case for individual freedom based on the Constitution, and facts regarding COVID-19, instead of yielding to the fear mongering and panic endeavoring to be forced upon us by those with a political agenda.

To those who are afraid I would encourage you to look at the 99% recovery rate of those who get COVID-19, the low mortality rate in Kerr County-1, and the low hospitalization rate of those who have it. You have a very good chance of not getting it and an excellent chance of recovery should you contract it.

Larry Hunter

Oh, how shocking. Our county commissioners voted against mandating masks in businesses and in public. In other news the commissioners agreed to pass a motion declaring that the world is flat.


from gene: i read the comments against wearing of masks. stunning ignorance on display. first: many rioters and looters are in jail. what they did has nothing to do with us. nobody said people would be arrested and put in jail. stunningly histrionic statement by our sheriff, also without basis in fact.

second: people just want to come and go as they please and make me wear a mask. first we have mind reading and the we have whining. also 0 knowledge that. tb far harder to spread than viruses. tb is a bacterial infection.

third: masks dont help unless they are a certain kind: a piece of t shirt can help prevent spread. thats the purpose of the mask.

in my experience: the more ignorant people are about a topic, the more certain they are of their opinions. I will stick with the experts. Gene

Tom Klemesrud

Now watch the Kerr County infection rate skyrocket.

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