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How easy it must be for the president to say “Don’t be afraid of Covid.” The man who pays no taxes just received platinum-level medical care worthy of a Saudi oil magnate, all at the expense of people who actually DO pay taxes. Then he limos and flies “home” (also at taxpayer expense) and continues to expose his staff. 

My heart goes out to those who have no control over his behavior — the secret service officers, pilots and drivers, White House servers and cleaners and other nonpartisans doing their jobs (but not to his own staff, who are as callous and oblivious as he is). 

Then, on the same front page, photos of a crowd of “protest” worshippers at the sculpture prayer garden, packed tightly together, not a mask in sight. If they really believe God and prayer will protect them, they should thank God for providing protection in the form of masks, social distancing and top-notch health care if they need it, instead of flouting every bit of common sense God gave them.

Jill Wiggins, Kerrville


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Richard Hough

President Trump does not take a salary. I think he donates it.


GENE here: he does donate his salary, but the expenses involved on just this one treatment episode exceeds his yearly salary. as to that, the expenses for his golf outings exceed his salary by a factor of 20 times at least.

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