Kerr County has an 18th case of COVID-19, the county announced on Monday.

Kerr County Emergency Management Coordinator Dub Thomas said some recent cases involving transmission through close contact involved an outbreak at the Franklin Clinic, where at least two others have tested positive previously.

"There was outbreak at the Franklin Clinic and that's where most of those came from," Thomas told the Kerr County Commissioners Court on Monday morning.

That's the second case in Kerr County from the weekend. Peterson Health announced a 17th case on Sunday afternoon. It remains unclear if these cases are through community spread or travel related.

A reader also alerted The Kerrville Daily Times that the one of Kerr County's most recent cases of coronavirus was an employee at H-E-B's Main Street store in Kerrville.

In a news release, which is not publicly facing on the company's website, H-E-B said the employee was last in the Main Street store on May 10.

"All Partners at the location have been notified and the store has been deep cleaned and sanitized multiple times since then and we continue to enforce proper social distancing practices," the company wrote in a news release. "While the pandemic is an evolving situation with many unknowns, we are sure of one thing: We will do our part to help our fellow Texans in any situation our company and communities might face."

A Washington Post investigation found that 100 grocery store workers nationwide have died from coronavirus, while more than 5,000 have tested positive. 

The 11th Kerr County person to test positive, Raymond Simmons, told The Daily Times on Sunday that he's feeling better, and making a recovery after a week of fighting off a wide range of symptoms.

Editor's note: Article edited to clarify that Thomas told commissioners that an outbreak at Franklin Clinic involved recent cases involving close contact.

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