Peterson Health gave 500 employees doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, an effort that began last Thursday, although there was a pause for Christmas Day.

“We wrapped up our 500th dose yesterday,” said Peterson Health CEO Cory Edmondson in a Tuesday email. 

Although this initial dose offers some protection, one more dose is needed to offer additional protection, Edmondson said last week. It’s not clear when that second round of doses will be available. Peterson has just over 1,000 employees, and frontline workers such as nurses and doctors were among those vaccinated, he said.

During a commissioners court meeting on Monday, Edmondson told county officials that the COVID-19 vaccine will be offered in a three-phase plan:

1A: Health care workers

1B: First responders

1C: Teachers and possibly people older than 65 with underlying health conditions

Just before the 500 doses of Moderna-made vaccine became available to frontline Peterson Health staff, 50-54 percent of eligible staff signalled their willingness to take it, according to an internal hospital survey, Edmondson said. 

“Once people started receiving that Thursday, we started having more coming out and (saying) ‘I want to be vaccinated,’” Edmondson said. “I’m not sure what percentage of our frontline staff have accepted the vaccination, but it’s not mandated.”

The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine was made available to frontline staff at the Kerrville VA Medical Center beginning last week, but it’s not yet available for patients. The public will be notified when the vaccine is available to patients. 



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