This year, 190 Baccalaureate and 30 Graduate students graduated from Schreiner University, with degrees ranging from psychology, graphic design, education and others. According to Schreiner Registrar Darlene Bannister, 23 of the Baccalaureate students were part of the university's first Bachelor's of Science in Nursing class, and 8 of the Graduate students received the university's first Master's of Business Administration degrees. The ceremony celebrated graduates from May, December and summer.

The coronavirus pandemic has made all of us rethink how we’re going about our business, and with that thinking, there has emerged some new ideas about moving forward when it comes to engaging with our community or customers. 

One of the best examples of this rests with Schreiner University, which was already on a track to be more involved with Kerrville through a wide range of initiatives, but the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic has pointed the university in a slightly different direction.

This is a good thing, not only for Schreiner, but for our community because it’s another example of the leadership the university is continuing to demonstrate to be a partner to those here in the Hill Country. During a recent interview with The Kerrville Daily Times, Schreiner University President Charlie McCormick addressed these changes in a way that will strengthen the university’s offerings in how it educates those seeking a pathway in business administration and working to improve an offering that allows registered nurses to upgrade their education with a Bachelor of Science in nursing. 

Those are two fundamentally important opportunities, designed for those already in the workforce, to upgrade their skill sets, but it also provides our community a better educated workforce. Schreiner was already well established when it comes to producing excellent nurses, but this move helps streamline the process for those nurses wishing to improve their overall credentials. 

Of course, one of the benefactors will be hospitals across the Hill Country that depend on quality nurses — many of them coming from Schreiner already. While Peterson Regional Medical Center will certainly be better for this nursing program, we expect that others will benefit from the opportunities Schreiner is offering to nurses.  

Schreiner’s commitment to the community is also going to start showing itself in other ways as its Trailhead project comes closer to fruition. The beer garden is nearing completion, right in time for projected opening around July 4. This project will likely become another community gathering spot, but more importantly, it will more closely connect the university to one of Kerrville’s great features — the Guadalupe River Trail. 

Despite the challenges that we’ve seen from coronavirus, it’s satisfying to see our community institutions stepping up to help move us forward and keep us on track. 

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