For the first time in months, Kerr County Judge Rob Kelly appeared in the weekly commissioners court meeting without wearing his face mask. 

Kelly explained this was because there have been so few new coronavirus infections as of late. Kelly said he would file a request to have Kerr County exempted from the governor’s July 2 mask order imposed on counties with 20 or more positive COVID-19 cases.

“I don’t know what herd immunity looks like, but I think we’re getting closer,” Kelly said, after hearing a presentation from Kerr County Emergency Management Coordinator William “Dub” Thomas. 

Thomas told commissioners local COVID-19 infections have been declining since the end of July. The county hasn’t had more than 20 active infections since Aug. 14, according to Thomas, who expressed support for asking the governor for the exemption. There were well over 150 active cases at one time in Kerr County, he said.

“I think we’ve had a sustained reduction in cases,” Thomas said. 

The other members of the commissioners court expressed agreement.

“We’re on the right path,” said Precinct 4 Commissioner Don Harris.

One member of the public showed up to the courthouse to opine on the issue: Barbara Dewell, who said the face mask requirements have had a negative effect on businesses and on the psyches of local people. 

“I think our numbers look great,” Dewell said. “I think the county’s done a wonderful job of trying to control things. I do think it’s time now to let our businesses get back to business.” 

Since the commissioners’ Monday morning meeting, two new COVID-19 infections were reported, bringing the total active cases to 10 and total infections since the pandemic began to 460. Another death also was reported since the meeting, bringing the total COVID-19 fatalities to 10. 

Two patients were hospitalized with COVID-19 at Peterson Regional Medical Center as of Monday afternoon. 

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Rusty Fouse

Here we go again. These guys call themselves leaders! This is the best example of people in charge that want ALL the focus money for themselves and spend $ like it’s being shipped in to the airport with planes!!!

I have spoken twice this summer on wearing masks and preventing more illness and death.

I was literally laughed out of the courthouse. By business owners and the court. They are all a joke, he may have a law degree but he does not have a medical degree as the commissioners don't have either. What they do have is no common sense, lack of character, lack of empathy, and think their snide comments and grinning while folks are talking about important issues can’t be seen on YouTube. These guys seriously are a joke. Vote for anyone except these folks when terms come up. Unless you like the self described experts and leaders you have now!!!!

Kerr County Court= JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!

Thomas Collins

If you judge the Judge by his "heard" comment, then the man doesn't need to hold that office and get the salary he and the whole group get.

Robert Fritz

Judge Kelly is not a scientist and rescinding the mask order for Kerrville would be irresponsible at best. Not wearing a mask in the meetings is a poor example of leadership. Nearly two hundred people have been infected with this virus. We don't know who is coming and going out of our community and who they might have been exposed to. Profits over peoples lives is not acceptable. Why risk the gains that we have made already? This virus in easily transmitted and can have deadly consequences. Slow down!

Keith Asbury

It's working, that's why we should keep using masks. Let's get this down to zero new cases and then relax our guard.

Teri Harrison

“I don’t know what herd immunity looks like, but I think we’re getting closer,” Kelly said...Judge Kelly, I have left an explanation of herd immunity below:

Teri Harrison

I would like to share the definition of herd immunity:

Herd immunity is defined as a population reaching a point where enough people have become immune to a disease that it can't spread effectively. That immunity can be achieved either with a vaccine, or by letting enough people become ill with and recover from the illness. It's estimated that for COVID-19, between 60 and 70% of the population would need to get the virus for herd immunity to be achieved.

Judge Kelly please read this.

Regina Cox

i for one have been shopping in local businesses because I feel safer and appreciate the merchants and restaurants who value their own health as well as mine. I will continue to patronize those businesses that require masks. I will not be patronizing any businesses who do not require masks. Remember we do not know how many Covid cases there are in Kerrville because some will not show symptoms and do not know they are spreading the virus. Please do not let our guard down too soon.

Kimberlee Keller

Just because our numbers are going down doesn't mean the virus is gone. Asking the governor to rescind the mask order will put the citizens of Kerrville in danger. The flu season is just around the corner and mixed in with COVID19 could raise our cases again. Lives are already at risk from COVID19 and doing this will increase the risk. Stop thinking about yourselves and think of how this will affect the lives of people in your community. Too early.

Laura duncan

I couldn't have put it any better Kimberlee. This proves that wearing masks curbs infections. Take that away and infections will start rising. With children back in school it could be really bad.

Stephen Stange

Its not the 21st yet.


So some dude with no knowledge of medical science talks about heard immunity....real DUMB. More cases and Deaths

Teri Harrison

We are headed toward flu season with schools at all levels opening back up and we have a leader wanting to discontinue masks? We are far from herd immunity. I would like to hear from Peterson’s Medical Personnel and perhaps someone should check the judge’s IQ.


GENE here: I dont mind going out on a limb. I think cases will increase. Herd immunity is highly questionable. I trust scientists , even those that are overly cautious.


True old man has no idea

Alan Pazdernik

feel 2 2 early

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