Police say the person killed Sunday afternoon by an officer in Kerrville was 17-year-old Tommy Luke Hranicky. 

The Kerrville Police Department, who released Hranicky's name Monday morning in a press release, says Hranicky was armed with a knife when he approached a police officer in the 900 block of Sidney Baker Street. After refusing repeated verbal commands to stop and drop the knife, Hranicky was shot by the officer, according to Monday's press release.

Hranicky was pronounced dead on scene and preliminary results of an autopsy conducted by Travis County will be released within days, police say. 

The officer made initial contact with Hranicky after responding to a report of a man waving a knife in the area. The officer has been placed on a non-punitive administrative leave pending an investigation by the Texas Rangers and the Kerrville Police Department. His name has not been released.

“This is a tragic incident that affects the whole community," said Kerrville Police Chief David Knight in the Monday news release. "Our thoughts are with the officer, the family of the deceased, and all who have been impacted by this event."

This is a developing story and more information will be released when available.

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Being autistic doesn't mean one's not a threat. Adam Lanza was autistic and how many little children did he murder?


you just can't give it up. nobody said he wasn't a threat. what in the world is your problem? gene


While not directly applicable to this situation that involved a pedestrian and not a driver, Texas recently passed the Samuel Allen law enabling people with communication impediments including autism to register with DMV to alert law enforcement what to expect when making a traffic stop. More detail here:



And police are not trained to shoot to wound - a wounded criminal can still kill you or an innocent civilian. Ready about the Miami shootout where two bank robbers killed six FBI agents - after the robbers had already been shot numerous times.


bodi, my position on most things is to not believe much of anything until full information comes in, assuming it does. so do not interpret my response as supporting one side or the other.. go back and read your statements.

you use the term "wild man". what do you base that on? the picture in the paper of him with long hair? he did not look wild to me. were you there? but lets assume that he was wild looking. what does that have to do with being a threat?

you use the term coming at you with a knife. yet an eye witness said he was walking. while you can try to say that both terms mean the same, they certainly dont connote the same thing.

the robbers you reference were armed with AR15 type weapons. but you are correct in that one of them took multiple hits, but kept firing.

its one thing to wait and see, but its another thing to spin a scenario. gene


Little Tommy looks like a wild man to me. And I believe one of the articles said that he was walking toward the officer, refusing to drop the knife. In CCL classes they demonstrate how someone with a knife can close from 20 feet in about 2 seconds. Police are trained that 'action beats reaction.' The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly held that cops will not be second guessed for making split second decision when they or others are threatened with a weapon. And as many have commented, more people get killed with knives than guns. Also - remember all the 'infidels' murdered by radical Muslims with knives.


yes, he was walking, not coming at him. as to wild man, I still can't wrap my head around that one. was he frothing at the mouth, screaming and shouting, jumping up and down, tearing at his clothes, waving and stabbing with the knife, of was it the long hair?

the only justification the officer needed to fire his weapon is just as you said, the supreme court has ruled that the perception of danger is sufficient as actual danger or lack of danger involves way too much second guessing and divergent opinions. and now he is little Tommy. so why do you continue to trash the teen?

as to knives, there are parts of the world where that is true. but in the vast majority of the world, including the us, more people are killed with guns by far. you may be confusing the number of people killed with long guns here in the US vs knives. and then you jump to the murder of infidels. amazing.


If the kid was autistic the officer had no way of knowing that. He had to make a split second decision with a wild looking man coming at him with a knife, refusing to comply with orders to stop. A civilian on the street would have been justified to defend himself with deadly force. The officer probably has seen people get stabbed and cut and tried to save victims, and he was responding to a call about a dude waving a knife around.


bodi, do you know what pejorative statements are and why they are used? you can fully make your case logically if you chose. without trashing anybody.


The comments of one of Tommy's former teachers and his bus driver on the Legacy site are touching: https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/name/tommy-hranicky-obituary?pid=193810787 RIP young man.


After reading about the shooting of this young man my heart goes out to his family. The Community should be outraged that he was shot to death by a KPD Officer. The young man was Autistic, surely the Officer could have called for backup to help him. Was he really such a menace that the Officer had to shoot him. Could they not find another method to help him? Why didn’t the Officer have a body cam or a Taser? Hopefully KDT will investigate this shooting!


When I read this sort of thing, I wonder why the officer couldn't have shot do disable, not kill.

Tom Kirk

Not judging the outcome of this event; but I think it might be worth mentioning that the deceased was autistic.


Mr. Kirk, you know for certain this youth was autistic? I wish I had not read that. Makes me even sadder. I witnessed the shooting. Just could not figure out why the man/youth kept walking towards an officer with a gun pointed at him. Just didn't make sense.


I had a co-worker verify that the youth (or man as the Times reports) was indeed autistic. Suspect that won't be made widely known unless a larger state or national news organization dives in to the story.

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