#7 Sean Baethge drops back and send one deep down fiedl for a first down

#7 Sean Baethge drops back and send one deep down fiedl for a first down

The Longhorns ran the Cougars all the way back to Christoval in Harper’s first official game of the season.

The Horns fought long and hard through minor injuries and penalties during all four quarters, rallying from an early deficit to throttle the Cougars, 34-15.

“I couldn’t be more proud of these boys who played both ways,” Harper coach Dusty Gibbs said. “I never complained and came out here and showed what longhorn football is all about.”

With it being both the first official game and Parents’ Night, the stands were packed — and brimming with passionate fans.

The Longhorns, though, fell behind early in the game. Christoval scored two touchdowns to seize a 15-0 lead in the first quarter.

Early in the second quarter, the horns stepped up their game, making the first touchdown within the first couple of minutes. Sophomore, Sean Baethge, made a huge pass to junior, Connor Lange, who completed the touchdown followed by Baethge kicking the extra point. Halfway through the second half, Baethge scored another touchdown and made the 

wo-point conversion. This left the first half with a tied score of 15-15.

The Longhorns contin-ued to up their game with every passing minute, snagging one interception after another. Starting off the second half on the right track, senior Carson Sivells scored a touchdown and Baethge kicked another successful extra point. Soon after, Baethge went in for his second touchdown of the game, but failed at the two-point conversion. After a minor injury to his leg, Sivells still ran down the field and scored a touchdown; this was followed by a failed extra point by Sean Baethge. But that didn’t matter. Harper fans were still treated to a season-opening win.

Sean Baethge finished with a total of 14 carries and had 161 yards, the most yards in the whole game. Carson Sivells was close behind with 14 carries and 100 yards. While they had the greatest numbers, the whole team played exceptionally. Head Football Coach, Dusty Gibbs was sure to give a shoutout to Sean Baethge and senior, Joshua Talavera for having “two big turnovers in the second half that really helped to seal the game.”

Harper will look to play with even more determination for next week’s game versus San Saba.

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