Progress is being made on a project to extend the River Trail, connecting it to Schreiner University in preparation for a future extension into downtown. 

Crews with JK Bernhard Construction recently were finishing out a portion of the new trail near Glenn Rest Cemetery just west of the university. More than 300 feet of concrete was poured on May 21, according to a video update from the company. Additional forms were almost ready for pouring. 

The new portion of trail will run from the G Street crossing southward between the river and Memorial Boulevard until Quinlan Creek Bridge, where the trail then turns left and runs parallel to the creek until it reaches the university.

The university plans to have its own trail that will run the perimeter of campus and connect with the city's trail at a trailhead. Most of the campus trail is already done.

The cost of the River Trail extension to Schreiner University is budgeted at $1.5 million through a funding agreement with Kerrville's economic improvement corporation, according to news reports, and the university is contributing $50,000 to that expense. The EIC budget receives funds from a 0.5% sales tax. This tax must be used to fund economic improvement and quality-of-life projects. Three of the most recent projects this fund paid for include the Kerrville River Trail extension, the Kerrville Sports Complex and a new wastewater lift station. 

As early as January, a grand opening for the trail and trailhead area was expected to be in April, but the pandemic disrupted plans.

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