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During this time when America is being challenged from inside and out, it’s shameful that that old, ignorant, repugnant question is being 

regurgitated once again, this time by

Mr. James Coulter (Letters to Editor, weekend, June 6-7): What if Mr. George Floyd had been white? 

No, Mr Coulter, you are not “just wondering”, you are baiting, sir, and you know it. One need only review recent videos of the ugly crowds of white people, some with weapons,

screaming in the face of law enforcement because they wanted quarantine restrictions lifted so they could get back to shopping. The latter’s self-control was remarkable. 

So here’s my question to you, Mr Coulter, and to people like you: What if those armed and angry citizens had been black? I need not “just wonder,” because

I know the answer.

Françoise Wilson, Kerrville 


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