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The Feb. 15-16 edition of The Kerrville Daily Times reported on the latest applicants to apply for city council positions. They reported that George Baroody applied but was not allowed to be on the ballot because of a recently passed charter amendment that does not allow persons to run for a city position if they have a close relative in an executive position on the city staff. 

The Times wrote that Baroody feels the amendment was specifically written to prevent him from running for office. Since this was not a direct quote, I must allow for the possibility the paper misunderstood Mr. Baroody’s sentiments or deliberately mischaracterized what was


If Mr. Baroody did say what was written, it is the apex of narcissism and arrogance. Let’s remember that the Charter Review Committee was composed of seven citizens that labored without compensation for the betterment of the citizens of Kerrville. To suggest they were part of some grand conspiracy to harm Baroody is not only outrageous but defamatory.

Also, let’s remember that the voters, the same group Mr. Baroody wants to elect him to the Council, voted overwhelmingly to approve the amendment. Does he think they too were part of a conspiracy or mere dupes?

Baroody lost his last attempt at a council seat by double digits to a political neophyte. Does he really believe he is so feared as a candidate that all these people would go through all this trouble just to keep him off the ballot?

Fred Gamble, Kerrville


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