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After taking a long break for the Thanksgiving weekend, the Texas Health and Human Services Office updated its data on the situation at Kerrville’s troubled Waterside Nursing and Rehabilitation with another grim milestone — two additional deaths. 

Since Oct. 19, nine people have now died at the Water Street care center, which houses 100 people and has a staff of more than 50. The eighth and ninth deaths happened on Nov. 10 and Nov. 11, but data is only reported through Nov. 16. 

Waterside is just one of many nursing homes across the state where the virus has gotten hold and has proved to be devastating to those people being cared for in long-term centers. 

Originally licensed for 179 people, Waterside had 100 patients at the time of the outbreak in early October and, through Nov. 16, it has infected 88 patients. 

It has also wreaked havoc among the staff of the center with 34 being infected. 

Sources at the facility told The Kerrville Daily Times it was staff members that brought it into the facility in the first week of October. 

That outbreak is among the worst in the state in terms of the size of the community and with 88 patients testing positive, it’s among the 80 worst in the state, according to Health and Human Services numbers. 

Trinity Healthcare LLC, the company that owns the nursing home, operates 25 such facilities across the state, including in Boerne and Fredericksburg. Since the pandemic began, at least 70 patients have died in facilities operated by the company, but others have been able to keep the virus out completely. 

Since Oct. 9, the center has been under the supervision of state regulators and has been receiving training and personal protective equipment from Peterson Health and the Kerrville Fire Department.

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