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I had never heard of QAnon until I read the Sept.1 article in the Kerrville Daily Times.

I researched it and I too think it is ridiculous.

I don’t believe for a second that all Democrats are pedophiles, satanic worshippers, sex-traffickers or cannibals. I don’t know why the Kerrville Daily Times would even waste our time with it.

If the origins are truly right-wing, then it is a dangerous distraction from real issues. There is a real possibility however that QAnon is a leftist attempt to paint Trump followers as kooks.

I neither know for certain, or care.

However, the anti-Trump deep state is real. It consists of neo-conservatives like George W. Bush, Bill Kristol and John Bolton.

Republicans-in-name-only (RINO’s) and, of course, Democrats. Obama and his anti-American cabal had eight years to poison every department and every level of government with socialists, communists, anti-constitutionalists and other anti-Americans.

They were out to destroy President Trump as soon as the shock wore off of his nomination as the Republican candidate for President in 2016.

The Justice Department is almost ready to issue indictments against many of them involved in the collusion hoax that lead to the baseless impeachment eagerly sought by Democrats who know they cannot legitimately win the November election.

William Morgan, Kerrville

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GENE here: once again, 2 factual posts not in print, but unsupported right wing opinions okay. facts must indeed be scary things to you guys.

Ella Carter

Hello and I must disagree. Please do not relate the Qanon with Fox News. That is like relating the violence and rioting to the democratic party and you do not like that, right? Keep watching FOX news to get the whole story. The liberal news networks are all anti Trump, non stop. This is in no way pro America as it only fuels the divide. I am old enough to remember what the two parties were once upon a time. Today they are both unrecognizable.

Robert Fritz

Mr. Morgan appears to be wallowing in disinformation. The facts are Q-anon, the deep state and other right wing conspiracy theories are all products of the misinformation campaign found on outlets like Fox news, Rush Limbaugh, and other right wing media who have a complete disregard for truth in journalism. The republican party has degenerated into a Trump cult following and is destroying itself within by allowing the unlawful behavior of this administration. As a veteran and one time member of the republican party I will not be voting for this draft dodger who has brought great shame to our institutions and our Country. I am joining many Republicans and Veterans around the country who are determined to prevent the Trump administration to further harm our beloved Country. Better start looking for the Truth. It may hurt but the Truth is the Truth.

Nathan Caruso

Someone get the smelling salts for Bob here.

Jane O Stafford

I agree wholeheartedly. I know the signs and flags for our president are everywhere here, but I am hoping that in the privacy of the voting box will allow some to vote from their minds and hearts for affordable healthcare, good public schools, clean air and water, a non partisan judiciary and the end to this ridiculous administration.

Ella Carter

Don't confuse the ridiculousness of constant negative rhetoric with the current administration. What you hear from the left on a daily basis has left many of Americans dazed and confused - but that is merely a strategy to wear you down. Four more years of a strong economy, American jobs kept IN America and peace among the nations is just what hard working Americans need to pursue life and liberty.


GENE here: anti trump equals pro America.

Deanna Bernard

I watch Fox News regularly (and the other anti-Trump propaganda outlets occasionally as I can stomach), and listen to Rush as I am able. I have not once heard the ridiculous assertions of Q-Anon being propagated through these outlets. When it has been mentioned, they add a short explanation about what this movement supposedly believes, but without any endorsement. Most conservatives have no association or interest in this group. More disinformation the usual anti-Trump posters... [sleeping][sleeping][sleeping]

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