The City of Kerrville released the following information regarding the ongoing extreme weather conditions:


The City of Kerrville continues to experience unprecedented strain on the public water system and urges citizens to please conserve water to minimal essential use only. While your property may have adequate water service, your neighbors may continue to have low or no water pressure due to high-demand usage, broken water lines, and water supply issues from wells that may be inoperable due to continued ERCOT-mandated power outages. The major areas affected by this problem are those served or pressured by the Stadium Tank, which impacts the Yorktown area, the Summit, Riverhill and other locations.

City crews are working 24/7 to remedy the problem as fast as possible, but the low pressure issues will likely continue until the statewide rolling power outages hopefully ease in the next 36-72 hours. While freezing conditions remain in effect, the city urges customers to leave only one indoor faucet on a slow drip to conserve water supply, while helping to still prevent frozen private water lines. Prioritize which faucet you leave dripping if the water line is located on an exterior or north facing wall, which can be most affected by the extreme cold temperatures.


A boil water notice continues to be in effect systemwide for City of Kerrville water customers for consumption purposes. Please read the full press release here: and follow City of Kerrville, TX - City Hall on Facebook.


During the night, a new Ingram ISD shelter was opened at the elementary school after the high school location was closed yesterday following a water break. The following shelters are currently available in Kerr County if you cannot safely shelter in place.  Bring water, snacks, medications, blankets or sleeping bags, and toiletries.

• First United Methodist Church, 321 Thompson Drive, Kerrville

• Ingram Elementary School, 125 Brave Run, Ingram

• Salvation Army, 855 Hays, Kerrville

Please contact Kerrville Police Department Dispatch at 830-792-2730 if you cannot safely travel to a shelter.


Street and highway conditions are much improved with temperatures above freezing and traffic out.  Street Department and TxDOT crews were able to get out early this morning with more gravel and de-icer.  Road conditions will again deteriorate this evening as temperatures drop and with more freezing precipitation today and tomorrow.


The Kerrville Fire Department answered 94 calls in the past 24 hours, with most related to weather issues. The Kerrville Police Department transported a number of citizens to local shelters, and others with oxygen needs. If you need medical assistance, call 911. If you need transportation to a shelter, please call (830) 792-2730.


Kerrville Public Utility Board is reporting continuing rolling power outages, and does not expect the local power situation to improve until after this prolonged cold weather and precipitation is over. Crews are responding to outage calls and will not stop throughout this event. You can report an outage 24/7 by Contacting KPUB’s outage line at (830) 257-2883, or through SmartHub via the company’s utility app or online account management.


Please do not rely on propane or camp stoves to heat an enclosed area. In burning fuel to produce heat, they also produce dangerous byproducts like carbon monoxide (CO). This odorless gas kills hundreds every year and hospitalizes more than 50,000 people with ill effects. In short, avoid using combustible fuels in enclosed spaces. This also includes charcoal grills, which produce large amounts of CO. Take the time to read and follow all safety recommendations on your stove or heater. While a day or night in the cold is no fun, it beats putting yourself and your family in a lethal situation.


Temperatures will peak above 40 this afternoon, before falling again into the teens tonight. Some additional precipitation is expected in the next hour. For tomorrow, sleet or snow chances are above 50 percent, mostly in the mid-morning to early afternoon. Please remember that even though there is melting, the ground is still very cold and there is a risk of re-freezing when temperatures fall back below the freezing mark.


Stay safe and stay home if possible.

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