The Kerr County Sheriff’s Office detained a person of interest in a reported theft of goats hours after at least one member of the public may have identified him in photos released to the public.

The man under investigation, who was being questioned as of late Friday afternoon, is 29-year-old Mountain Home resident William Curtis Roberts, who was released from the county jail on May 24, after having been arrested twice this year on felony accusations. He was accused of possessing a small amount of methamphetamine and of stealing a vehicle and leading officers on a high speed chase.

On Friday afternoon, the sheriff’s office released what appear to be game camera photos of a man at a fence. KCSO had asked for the public’s help identifying the man. A person posted a comment on Facebook stating who they thought the individual was, although it’s advised people submit such information directly to the agency, rather than potentially tipping off a suspect.

Later Friday afternoon, a few hours after posting the photos on social media, KCSO confirmed Roberts was in custody. Online jail records didn't reflect he'd been booked as of late Friday.

The theft of goats occurred in the Ingram Hills Road area, according to KCSO.

The investigation that led to Roberts’ March 24 arrest began when the Ingram Police Department took a report of a stolen, red Suzuki Samurai the previous day. About 1:50 p.m. on March 24, a KCSO deputy saw a similar vehicle in Center Point, but it was black, according to the deputy’s affidavit. 

“I was actually able to observe red markings under the primary black color,” states the affidavit by KCSO Deputy Emilio Vasquez. “Dispatch did later advise the license plate provided returned as a stolen vehicle. As I closed the distance on the vehicle, it abruptly sped up and away from me.”

The vehicle continued to speed away, ended up on Texas 27 and stopped at 129 Ace Ranch Road after being disabled by spike strips and chased by officers from multiple agencies, according to the affidavit.

“The driver, a white male with red hair, then exited the vehicle wearing a camo jacket with a grey hood and red undershirt underneath with black pants, and ran from the vehicle,” Vasquez wrote.

Officers searched the area and found Roberts hiding under a tarp in the backyard of a home at 127 Ace Ranch Road, the affidavit states.

Roberts has been convicted in Kerr County of vandalism twice, assault twice, theft twice, evading arrest, marijuana possession twice, meth possession twice, bail jumping and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to court records. Over the years, he’s violated every probation sentence he’s received and has served time in the county jail and state jail. 

Roberts has been booked at the Kerr County jail 27 times since 2009, according to county records. 

He’s due to be arraigned on his more recent felony charges — meth possession, evading arrest with a vehicle and stealing a vehicle — later this month in 216th District Court.


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