Having raised more than $20,000 so far from the community, the Kerrville Police Department Foundation is well on its way to the end goal: A K-9 unit for the city.

The total cost of the project, $80,000, would pay for the dog, handler training, specialized transport vehicle, kennels and needed accessories, according to a press release from the Kerrville Police Department Foundation. 

“Having our own K9 officer will benefit Kerr County and beyond,” reads the release. “A K9 trained in patrol tactics gives an officer another option when conducting high risk activities. The dog also provides an additional show of force option to encourage suspect compliance in dangerous situations. Having the availability of a K9 unit as a law enforcement resource in many situations can help lead to more positive outcomes.”

A K-9 unit would also be used to search suspects. Currently, when this kind of need arises, KPD avails itself of dogs from other jurisdictions, such as an incident in mid-August in which a K-9 from Kimble County was used to track a suspect who fled from Kerr County sheriff’s deputies. Such dogs also can be used to search for missing persons, such as children, Sgt. Jonathan Lamb told The Kerrville Daily Times last month

“K-9s give an agency added capability,” Lamb said in August.  

The unit also would be used by other agencies, according to a Friday statement from KPD. 

“Once training is complete, the handler and dog will be partnered, on the job and at home,” reads the statement. “The multipurpose dog will assist with searches for illegal narcotics, lost persons and fleeing suspects in and around the Kerrville area. K-9’s have the ability to search any area where drugs or people might be concealed. The use of this K-9 could lead to the arrest and conviction of drug users, distributors or manufacturers in Kerrville and will be considered for specific requested use in surrounding communities. We are excited about bringing this vital capability back to your KPD!”

One of the biggest donations to the effort so far was from Kerrville Elks Charities Inc., which gifted $15,000 in March

The KPD Foundation was created through a partnership of the city of Kerrville and Community Foundation of the Texas Hill Country and is “a component fund” of the Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charitable organization, according to the news release. 

Donations to the foundation can be made at www.communityfoundation.net. Click “Donate” at the top and select “Kerrville Police Department Foundation” from the available options. Additionally, checks can be written out to the “Community Foundation” with “KPDF” in the memo line. 

The foundation’s mailing address is: Kerrville Police Department Foundation, c/o Community Foundation of the Texas Hill Country, 241 Earl Garrett St., Kerrville TX 78028.

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