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The interpretation by The Times and others of what Harley Belew said last Monday, suffers from a politically correct fear of being called racist. I support Harley’s statements and his right to say them without being labeled by left-wing hysterics.

George Floyd had a rap sheet. He resisted arrest. If Floyd had not been engaged in criminal activity he would not have been detained. If he had not resisted arrest he would not have been drug from the patrol car and killed. While his death was tragic and unnecessary, it certainly does not deserve the pomp and circumstance that it received, when black on black murders outnumber black deaths at the hands of police by 700 to 1.

Systemic Racism does not exist in the America that elected a black man to the Presidency twice. The leftist mantra is a means to an end. An end to America as we know it. An end to our way of life. The rioting and looting is fomented and financed by enemies of America bent on bringing us to our knees. The destruction of Civil War statues is only the first step in erasing our history to make us more compliant to a socialist future. Stop the madness. Recognize the real enemy.

The real problem; poverty, crime and incarceration of an inordinate number of Blacks and other minorities, is a result of decades of Democrat policies that started with LBJ’s “Great Society”. 

Reject the policies of the Democrat Party. Our Constitution, as it was written and understood, has always held the key to a unified America where the color of one’s skin is truly irrelevant. The only ones standing in your way are Democrats.

Stephen Lehman, Kerrville 


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Mr. Lehman is making a false comparison. Civilians killing civilians is one thing, but police killing civilians is quite another issue. Between 2009 and 2019 the police killed at least 3868 people, and blacks at the rate of 2.5 times that of whites. Any way you look at it, that’s alot of people killed in an eleven year span.

As to Mr. Lehmans comment about LBJ, the destruction of the black community began in the early 1900’s. The massacres in Tulsa and Rosewood were just reo of hundreds of events that destroyed the wealth of massive numbers of blacks. Then years of Jim Crow and the war on drugs finished them off.

Mr. Lehman, the real enemy is ignorance of history.

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