County officials opted to discontinue recycling services beginning next month, saying they’ll save as much as $30,000 a year by doing so.

This unanimous decision by the Kerr County Commissioners Court followed discussion in which county staff presented photos indicating people have been dumping trash in and around the two trailers that are supposed to have been used for recycling.

“We’re not trying to subsidize trash pickup, and that’s what we are doing a lot,” said Precinct 3 Commissioner Jonathan Letz.

Another ongoing question commissioners have been discussing is to what extent the contractor they use, Republic Services, actually recycles the materials the county collects in the two recycling trailers. Various county employees and commissioners court members have expressed skepticism about this over the last few months.

“I know a lot of times it was, and sometimes it wasn’t,” said Precinct 4 Commissioner Don Harris.

Up until now, the county has been handing over materials to Republic Services “without any guarantee it was actually being recycled,” said Kerr County Judge Rob Kelly.

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David McCallum

$30,000 is chump change you Neanderthals!!

Michael Barr

So does that mean there will be no more recycling at all including the containers at the land fill? I understand they do not want to provide trailers for it outside the land fill but I have been using the recycling dumpsters at the land fill for cardboard.

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