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When it comes to fighting the coronavirus pandemic, one of the most important businesses in the country is right here in Kerrville. 

All-Plastics, which runs a 24-hour per day plant along Holdsworth Drive, makes the plastic components for many medical products, including those used in infection control. The company is considered an essential supplier, but there’s one hiccup in their work — they need workers. 

“We are considered an essential supplier for our medical device customers and we are working around the clock to deliver the large quantities of the highest-quality product that we can produce,"  All-Plastics President and CEO Thomas Houdeshell said in a news release. “We are evaluating other opportunities to help our customers scale their production in the quickest amount of time to support the rising demand.”

However, the coronavirus pandemic has forced the plastics component manufacturer to limit who can come into their facilities in Kerrville and Addison, and that has impacted their ability to recruit. 

“It is all hands-on deck, and we are still recruiting and hiring production personnel,” Houdeshell said. “Our front doors are locked restricting visitors but candidates can apply online for essential jobs that we are recruiting for.”

The company is currently hiring for several positions in Kerrville, but was having trouble filling those jobs before the coronavirus struck. Now, the need is greater than ever, because of the company’s work in medical components — many of them critical in the fight against the virus. 

“It is our duty to do what we can during this time to produce medical componentry to be used during this pandemic and we are constantly evaluating options to keep business going,” said Houdeshell. 

All-Plastics primarily manufactures medical products for infection prevention, vascular, respiratory, diagnostics, orthopedic and wound management companies.

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