Ariel Lutnesky

During a meeting tonight, Ingram City Council will consider adding a deadline for non-residential properties to enroll in a payment plan and connect to the wastewater system.

An ordinance requires everyone within city limits to connect to the wastewater system, which has been under construction since 2005. It is expected to be complete in 2021.

In order to connect to the system, nonresidential properties must pay a connection fee, said City Administrator Mark Bosma. While the city offers a payment plan to do so, some properties have not connected.

The idea behind adding a deadline is so that it might encourage action on the part of those not yet connected, Bosma said.


The council will also consider running a traffic and engineering study in order to potentially lower the speed limit on Texas 27 within city limits.

β€œThe police department has talked about people flying down the road,” Bosma said, adding that this is what spurred on the idea of lowering the speed limit.

Council will also have an update on some pending litigation regarding the wastewater system.

The city has sued nine entities β€” Hawkins Ward Enterprises LLC, Courtney L. Ward, Rocky Hawkins, Julie Hensley, Mark Hensley, Mark Hensley Sr., Terry Hise, Samuel Piver and Twanda Brown β€” because they allegedly did not comply with a wastewater ordinance.

The ordinance calls for property owners to connect to the wastewater system and decommission septic systems within 90 days of notice of an available connection point.

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