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Let’s see if I can nip this in the bud before those with Trump Derangement Syndrome bore us with Democrat talking points.

President Trump’s alleged remarks calling our troops “stupid” and “suckers” is more fake news. Anonymous sources, coordinating with the Democrats so propaganda was ready to be aired when they went public, took President Trump’s remarks out of context and applied meanings to them that are not true.

And isn’t it convenient timing, considering the remarks were uttered two years ago? Where was the outrage two years ago? More Leftist Hypocrisy. Anonymous sources? More leftist cowardice.

No one, not the leftist media, not the never-Trumpers, not desperate Democrats, have come up with a single second of audio or video of Trump uttering anything remotely disparaging of our troops.

It is a lie.

The Media and the Democrats are lying to you and they know it. They think you are too stupid to figure out the truth. Democrats know they can’t win a legitimate election with Joe Biden and a socialist agenda, so they are pulling out all the stops, from voter fraud to media lies.

The Nov. 3 election is important for a number of reasons, not the least of which is whether you submit to tyranny or reaffirm liberty.

There will be no straight party voting this year. You must learn who the candidates are and what they stand for. Candidates range from president to Congress to state offices and county and city issues, including sheriff and mayor.

Do your due diligence. Do not turn away from your civic responsibility. Vote informed.

Stephen Lehman, Kerrville

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Robert Fritz

Yes Mr. Lehman, Trump has disparaged our military and veterans. The evidence is quite clear. What he said about John McCain, George Bush, is undeniable. I don't know what source you are obtaining your information from but the Truth is hard to run from. Trump was a draft dodger and has spent most of his life by taking from others rather than serving. Why would anybody want a man devoid of any redeeming character value or decency represent our great Country? It could only be party before the good of our country. It is so sad to see how Trump has reduced the Republican party to a cult following that threatens our very Democracy. As a former republican and veteran I will be voting for Joe Biden. At least with Biden there will be a return to normalcy and common decency. God help our country if we allow this man to sit in our beloved White House for four more years.


GENE here: and I have to add, just to point out how illogical your rants are. this was just announced recently, yet you ask where the democrats were 2 years ago when the remarks were supposedly made. surely you see the illogic of that. how could they have made a comment when they didnt know about the event?


GENE here: wonderful example of Trump Delusional Disorder.

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