The Texas Department of Transportation may run a traffic and engineering study on Texas Highway 27 within Ingram city limits after the Ingram City Council approved asking for it during a meeting on Tuesday.

The goal of the traffic study — which will cost the city of Ingram nothing — is to potentially lower the speed limit within city limits, said City Administrator Mark Bosma.

The speed limit on most state roads in Ingram is 35 or 45 miles per hour, but cars coming in west from Kerrville have a limit of 55 mph. This is often a very sudden change, as there’s a traffic light pretty soon after entering Ingram from that direction, Bosma said.

“A lot of times, people come through those lights, and they’re moving pretty quick when they come into town,” Bosma said.

He said he doesn’t know if the speed limit was this way before the traffic light went up.

The study would involve looking at the number of cars that pass through the area and how many traffic wrecks happen, Bosma said. It would likely take about two to three months.

Now that the council has approved the project, the city must write a letter to TxDOT to request the study.


Council postponed talking about adding a deadline for nonresidents to enroll in a payment plan and connect to the wastewater system.

“I just asked (council) to defer it,” Bosma said. “I’m all about making sure we can help all the customers out and what have you. I look at deadlines and I want to make sure they’re convenient — a little more due diligence on my part.”

The wastewater system has been under construction since 2005 and is expected to be completed in 2021. An ordinance requires everyone within city limits to connect to the system.

In order to connect to the system, nonresidential properties must pay a connection fee, Bosma said. While the city offers a payment plan to do so, some properties have not connected.

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I always thought of Kerrville was East of Ingram... "but cars coming in west from Kerrville have a limit of 55 mph"?

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