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In reading the daily times today, I was saddened to see that our cases have risen to around one thousand. This is likely due to the negligence and selfishness of following safety protocols. It was also said in the newspaper today that the mask order could not be “constitutionally enforced.” As a matter of fact it is a matter of choice and it was chosen not too because some people felt it was taking away “freedom of choice.” Some people have chosen to be selfish and ignorant of this virus which has created the spike in cases. Unfortunately, a positive example has not been shown, therefore leading to some people to believe it’s not as serious. Unfortunately, there is no cure or vaccine for this type of behavior. What a sad, sad shame.

Kimberlee Keller, Kerrville


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Carlos Richter

Are you an epidemiologist? It seems to me that most of us wear our mask and covid still blooms.


GENE here: yep, the key words there Carlos is most. I see lots of people who dont wear masks and many of them dont social distance. a mask Is not foolproof if the other person doesnt wear it too.. there are also other methods of transmission.

as to epidemiologists, I believe that they are recommending wearing masks.


GENE here: are you? based on what I read masks help. but tell me carlos, did you not post repeatedly to deny climate change, and use all sorts oof bogus claims? even using that your friends in fla did not have to raise their docks? where are your credentials?


GENE here: I suspect she has read the recommendations of epidemiologists as I have. and you pointed out the problem when you said most of us wear masks. many dont. I see them going in and out of stores on a daily basis, and I always encounter a few when I shop, even at 7am.

Susan Cherico

Agreed Ms. Keller. So many folks has been unfortunately and erroneously linked to the idea that wearing a mask is a political statement. Is is not. It is an IQ test and you can see who scores high and who doesn't. I think non-mask wearers in this time of a global pandemic, should be charged with assault with intent to cause harm.

Anna Osborn

You are absolutely correct, Ms Keller. I feel for the health care providers who have to treat those thoughtless and stupid people. Unfortunately they are the spreaders; not the mask wearers. It is just Kerrville for you.

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