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The good news is there were no new cases of COVID-19 over the weekend, and it appears that no one is hospitalized with the virus in Kerr County. 

In an update Saturday from Peterson Health, the hospital said it had tested more than 900 people — meaning that more than 1,500 have been tested in Kerr County from various agencies and doctor’s offices. 

There are still 10 active cases, and several of those have been from community spread. While local officials count 21 cases, the state still only lists 18 cases here in Kerr County. There has often been widespread disparity and lag in how the state counts versus local officials. 


Several of you have asked about the 2019-2020 flu season and why the cases of flu aren’t being reported? 

It’s a simple answer — peak flu season is over. 

Unlike coronavirus, there’s a lot of data around influenza infection and Texas monitors the outbreak of flu closely. For this season, which started in September of 2019, Texas reached a peak in December and then tailed off with another small peak around the middle of March. 

One of the things the state keeps close track of is the various types of flu strains and 2019-2020 was already ahead of the last four years when it came to peak infections — for strains A and B. Some may argue well wasn’t that because coronavirus was running around back then, but the truth is that means the flu would have been ruled out in these tests. 

For the last four years, visits to the doctors because of flu peaked in December through February and then tailed off.  The Texas Department of State Health Services also notes that coronavirus has deterred some from seeking help for flu-like symptoms — thus depressing some of the numbers for the season. 

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