Kristin La Rue knew that she had to be involved when she read about the Kerrville Kind initiative that The Kerrville Daily Times was undertaking. 

As an artist, she was immediately drawn to the idea of expressing kindness through the arts, and that led her to give her time to curate an exhibit of children’s art as part of the Kerrville Kind activities next week at Schreiner University. 

Young artists from around Kerrville are participating in the art show that is slated for 6 p.m. on Tuesday in the Cailloux Campus Activity Center. Students from Notre Dame School, Starkey Elementary, Nimitz Elementary and Hal Peterson Middle School will have their art featured. 

“They see hope,” said La Rue, who has taught art and his been featured in shows around the Hill Country. “I realize the main word is caring.” 

In fact, what La Rue has curated has been exactly that, with art ranging from the words kindness spelled out, a reminder about the “Golden Rule” and one standout piece of a young girl standing bravely against a scary monster. 

“The whole Kerrville Kind project suggests we can do better at doing that — caring,” Larue said on Friday afternoon after she stopped by The Kerrville Daily Times office to show off some of the works that she’s received. 

The work of 10-year-old Paulina Orta has been some of the most inspiring, according to LaRue. Orta, who attends Starkey Elementary, submitted nine pieces, and all of them are powerful in terms of being brave, being kind and expressing hope. It is Orta’s piece of a young girl holding her own against a mysterious and menacing force that is bearing down on her. The girl is holding a flower, while smiling. 

“She’s not in any way afraid,” La Rue said of the piece. “She knows what will take that down.” 

One of the standout pieces La Rue has curated depicts a young girl shopping with her family at grocery store H-E-B, because artist Baleria Sanchez felt kindness from those who worked at the store. Another picture showed a young boy and a dog with a line of text saying: How can I help? 

All of these will be on display at Schreiner on Tuesday. Cookies and hot chocolate will be available and the event is free to attend. Even the cookies are free. 

The Kerrville Daily Times is also accepting art pieces through the end of the day on Monday.

The Kerrville Kind campaign also includes a screening of the documentary film about the work and life of Fred Rogers, who starred for decades as Mister Rogers on the acclaimed PBS children’s television show “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.” That happens with showings at 6 and 8 p.m. at Schreiner University’s movie theater in the Cailloux Campus Activity Center. 

The kindness-themed events conclude on Thursday afternoon when journalist Tim Madigan speaks at Schreiner about his years of friendship with Rogers, which is one of the stories that has been adapted into a movie about Rogers starring Tom Hanks that will be released Nov. 22.

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