More than 1,400 people were without power in Harper as of Friday morning and a boil water notice was still in effect for customers served by the city of Kerrville.

“The boil water notice will remain in effect until proper water pressure is established system-wide, which probably won't be until Monday at the earliest,” states a Friday-morning news release from the city. “The City of Kerrville will issue notification of the end of the boil water notice as soon as possible. In the meantime, please continue to boil drinking water for two minutes.”

The city had restored water to most areas of Kerrville, but service disruptions were being felt by people in the Keystone and Summit neighborhoods as of Friday morning, the city reported. 

“We hope to have water to both of those areas by noon today,” states the city news release. “If you are not in those areas and still have no water, please call 1-800-298-5910 to report the outage.”

Aqua Texas updated its website later on Friday and reported boil water notices and some service interruptions for various customers in Kerr County. For a list of these locations, CLICK HERE.


Those without power in Harper are served by the Central Texas Electric Co-op, which reported thousands of people without electricity in a six-county area, including Kerr. About 400 people were without power in Comfort in addition to about 120 households west of Kerrville served by this utility. 

“CTEC crews continue to work diligently to address outages and repair poles and downed lines,” stated the utility’s website on Friday. “We have estimated more than 500 poles downed by ice and falling trees. ... We do not have an estimated time of power restoration.”

Crews with the Kerrville Public Utility Board were helping CTEC get power restored, and crews from other organizations were expected to arrive next week, according to information from CTEC and KPUB on Thursday. 

More than 100 CTEC customers were without power in or around Ingram, according to that utility’s outage map.

Just over 100 outages were in progress southwest of Ingram as of Friday, in addition to about 100 south of that city, in households served by the Bandera Electric Cooperative, according to that utility’s outage map

The Kerrville Public Utility Board reported zero outages as of Friday.


Garbage service resumed Friday for Thursday's route and will return to normal next week, according to the city. 

“Republic Services will allow extra garbage to be put in recycling carts for pickup,” states the city’s release. “Please ensure that carts are placed at least three feet apart.”


Shelters except for the regular Salvation Army facility, 855 Hays Street, will close Friday. 


The Kerrville Police Department reported a moderate amount of glaze on streets, but roadways are improving as temperatures rise, according to the city. 

“However, there are still many patches of black ice on roadways that have formed overnight,” states the city release. “These are very difficult to see and can take you by surprise, so drive with extreme caution if you must get out.”

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