Veteran housing gets funding

The Kerrville VA Hospital will be the site of proposed housing for senior and disabled veterans after the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs approved federal low-income tax credit funding for the project.

The Department of Veterans Affairs confirmed Monday that there are 11 patients at the Kerrville VA Community Living Center have tested positive for coronavirus, along with three employees at the center. 

Those patients were taken to Audie Murphy Memorial Veterans Hospital in San Antonio for treatment. The area where the patients contracted the virus is called “Sky Blue Vista,” and their status is unknown. 

In a news release, the VA said Associate Chief of Staff for Geriatrics & Extended Care  Dr. Sandra Sanchez-Reilly met with the families via a video conference call to explain the situation.  

“Experts from every discipline including pulmonologists, infectious diseases, immunologists and our wonderful nurses, lots of people that have been rounding on the patients on a daily basis to ensure the very best treatment is provided for the infected patients,” Sanchez-Reilly said via the release. “We are also protecting your loved ones here to ensure they don’t get this disease.”

As a result of this outbreak, the VA has a temporary “no visitor” policy in effect. 

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Lino Lopez

I work at the VA Kerrville. I work food service. I hope they have a protocol to protect food service workers.

Kimberlee Keller

How sad that people care more about "constitutional rights" of wearing a mask over the safety of their own people and what "ant-maskers" don't realize, or maybe they do and just don't care, is that when they refuse to wear a mask, they are infringing on the "constitutional rights" of those people who are mask wearers by subjecting them to being infected. Wearing face masks is not a question of politics or "rights." It is a matter of keeping people safe. Unfortunately, because of the lack of enforcement, the chances of our cases increasing will more than likely spike unless businesses take it upon themselves to enforce it. Kudos to the Kerrville Police Dept. for acknowledging the importance of enforcing it and for the businesses who are doing so as well. Ignorance and "entitlement" creates a safety hazard to people. It's hard to understand why you would wear a shirt and shoes to enter a business, but gripe, whine, and throw a fit for wearing a mask for a few short minutes inside a business. You wear a seatbelt to keep you from getting ejected and to keep from paying a hefty fine as well as getting a ticket and unless you want to get arrested, you don't drink and drive. So...what's the big stink about wearing a mask for a few short minutes?! May God have mercy on all of our souls because no one else will.


gene here: agree. some people are so ate up with their rights that they have no conception that the needs of the many supersede the needs of the few.

James Espinoza


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