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I have some information for those half-maskers who refuse to cover their noses with their masks, choosing instead to wear them as chin straps. If that’s the way you’re going to wear a mask, you might as well wear it on your elbow for all of the good it’s doing. 

Dr. Richard Boucher of the University of North Carolina calls the nose, “Grand Central Station of virus infection.” Think you can’t breathe? On July 20, Dr. Tom Lawton, a critical care doctor, researcher and triathlete in the United Kingdom, ran 22.6 miles wearing a mask and a pulse oximeter, which monitors the oxygen saturation level of your blood. His oxygen level remained at 98% with the mask on. Normal is 95% saturation. Furthermore, the air you breathe contains 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% other gasses. Your lungs use only 25% of that oxygen, so you exhale three times more oxygen than your lungs can use. 

C’mon. Mask up. Don’t be that guy.

Larry Whiteside, Kerrville


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