Crouse, David Joseph

David Joseph Crouse, 

A Kerrville man was jailed following allegations he broke a woman's car window with a baseball bat and attacked police during a standoff at his home.  

About 6:10 p.m. July 2, Kerrville police officers were dispatched and met with a complainant who reported that a man had smashed out her car window with a baseball bat following a traffic dispute. The complainant had her nine-year-old son in the car with her when she said the suspect left his vehicle with a baseball bat in his hand, threatened and cursed at her and then broke her window out with the bat, said KPD spokesman Jonathan Lamb.

“The complainant was able to take cell phone pictures of the male subject holding the bat and of his vehicle with the license plate before he got back in his car and sped away,” Lamb said.

Lamb said the license plate the complainant provided was registered to David Joseph Crouse, born in 1955. After further investigation, officers concluded Crouse was the suspect described by the complainant, and she “positively identified Crouse as the man who broke her car window,” Lamb said. An arrest warrant for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon was signed by a Kerr county justice of the peace. 

The next day about 12:15 a.m., officers went to the suspect’s residence in the 300 block of West Barnett Street to serve the arrest warrant, Lamb said. 

“Officers made contact with Crouse and identified themselves as members of the Kerrville Police Department,” Lamb said. “Crouse stated he had a firearm and would shoot the officers. The officers established a perimeter and called out the Special Operations Unit in order to safely arrest Crouse. While the Special Operations Unit was assembling, and officers were behind positions of cover around the house, Crouse opened the door and threw several items, to include paint cans and chairs, at officers. Crouse also broke all of the exterior windows out of his residence and proceeded to throw items out of the windows at officers.”

The SOU’s negotiator made contact with Crouse, told him there was a warrant for his arrest, and asked him to surrender multiple times, Lamb said. 

“He refused to comply,” Lamb said. “The Special Operations Unit ultimately deployed gas into Crouse’s residence and entered through a window via the roof in order to place him under arrest.”

Crouse was in the Kerr County jail as of Wednesday on bonds totaling $57,000. Officers recommended he be prosecuted on the charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, terroristic threat against a peace officer, assault on a peace officer and resisting arrest.

Crouse has been arrested twice before; once in 2018 on suspicion of vandalism and last year year on suspicion of criminal trespassing.

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