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We’ve lived in Kerr County for 12 years. If you’ve lived anywhere else in the world, up until recently, you could starve to death in this county and it’s past time our restaurateurs and grocery stores upped their game. 

I just had a bowl of beef vegetable soup from a famous local eatery and, as usual, I’ve eaten better on skid row when I was a kid working in kitchens throughout the Southwest.

Thousands of of people are, now,  moving here so things will change.

This is a great opportunity for local businesses, or what’s left of them after the city gave us Wal-Mart and the other Chinese box stores. 

There is a Natural Foods Grocery in Fredericksburg that should scare  H-E-B. Although, perhaps, this may now be censored for blaspheming our omnipresent $1.66 (each) bell pepper grocery chain. 

No sane person likes this level of population growth with all the water and fracking problems and stress on our wildlife and way of life, but it’s here, now, and you better step up and begin serving something to the public other than the cheapest food you can, possibly, find or most expensive stuff you can get away with or you’ll be washed away.

Paul Anderson, Kerrville 

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Larry Guzik

I was disappointed to see Lubys cafeteria on Sidney Baker leave a few years ago.

Mike Mecke

I have been retired here 12 years, born/raised in San Antonio and worked there for too long. Moved to Kerrville to escape big city traffic, heat/humidity/smog, and crime. Kerrville has some great private restaurants and a couple good chains. If you love everything cookie cutter chains move to a big city. HEB is great. Agree, there is little for kids/teens to do except our beautiful river - as said, tore down a nice bowling alley, exercise location for another bank? Check Ft.Stockton's nice fun palace for kids, young adults - one location: bowling, game room, 2-3 movies for youths, food court, pingpong/pool/paddle ball, well supervised and safe. Also a nice miniature golf would be fun and beach volleyball on a nice river view spot or a nice creek view spot at new soccer fields. Had a nice Lubys Cafeteria for the older crowd when I moved here, but folded as they put it in the tourist route rather than on the other side of town where folks live who would like it. New box stores jobs? Won't they just steal business and jobs from good local stores - not much of a tradeoff? Killing our true local business owners. Could not one of the larger local Guadalupe lakes have some motorcraft only...…..for fun? Several times a year have a water ski contest and show? Not in Fredericksburg or Boerne? Fishing contests for kids and adults? Use our beautiful and special outdoors - everything good and fun is not on a computer or in a building. Maybe somewhere on the river build a nice rustic Girl Scout/Brownie building and another for Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts...……on the water, in the trees - maybe in an existing park? Maybe work with local school districts to have Ag, Shop, Home Ec. classes make various things for Scouts - weld gates, curtains, etc. have idea meetings with Scouts.

blake Feuge

Excellent points. Kerrville is a beautiful town and merits delicious places to eat for the fine people here. Adding more establishments with healthy food options, high quality food and farm to table eateries can only enhance the quality of life in Kerrville.

Jason Soth

Do us a favor and go back to you’re supposed utopia!

Steve odell

You go with him, Jason.

Heather Dipetrillo

Please don't take offense but I totally agree with this person. You can love Kerrville and want a more sophisticated food scene at the same time.

Ken Pinkham

I agree with Mr Dye. If you’re not happy here, I’m pretty sure the same road you came here on runs the other way, too.


Steve odell

And you can go, too, Ken.

steve dye

Do us all a big favor and move! I love it here.

Steve odell

You may leave, too, Steve

Robert McGlohon

I first came to Kerrville in 1960 and married a most wonderful girl. I spent my first 18 years in NC in a town with 1000 people. Since then, I have visited at least 100 countries, lived 3 years in Korea and Japan, 3 years in Germany, 1 and 1/2 years in Vietnam. Now over 35 years in Kerrville. I personally enjoy HEB and there is nothing wrong with the meals at the Lakehouse, Mamacitas, Chinese Restaurant and Cracker Barrel. Kerrville still has the small town atmosphere and I hope that does not change. Kerrville has most friendly and helpful people and I don't want to live anywhere else.

Steve odell

Why must we not change?

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