Kerrville ranks among the Texas heavyweights when it comes to giving to the re-election campaign of President Donald Trump — ranking among the top 15 counties in the state for individual donations. 

A review of the Federal Election Commission records by the New York Times found that 397 Kerrville individuals had given to Trump’s re-election campaign since 2019 — putting the county 12th overall for the number of individuals to give from a specific zip code. 

Federal records show that Trump’s campaign has received more than $131,000 in campaign contributions by Kerrville residents during the 2020 election cycle. In 2016, Trump received more than $98,000 from just 480 donations. In this cycle, Kerrville residents have made more than 1,900 donations to Trump’s three campaign entities, according to the data. 

Trump has received $1,000 or more from at least a dozen Kerrville residents. Trump’s largest donation from Kerrville has been more than $2,000, while his average donation is about $55. 

Part of Trump’s 2016 haul was tempered by the more than $52,000 Sen. Ted Cruz got from the region during his presidential run that year. In fact, Cruz won the primary vote in Kerr County. 

Katy and Galveston have shown the most enthusiasm for the president by the sheer number of people donating to his campaign with 649 and 648 individuals contributing, respectively. 

The Hill Country region has been particularly good for the president, Boerne, Fredericksburg and New Braunfels were all among the top zip codes for Trump donations. Most of Trump’s biggest donors came from Harris County, the city of Katy and Collin County. 

While Trump has a clear advantage in Kerrville, also reflected in voter registration, Democratic challenger and former Vice President Joe Biden has found some success here. Biden has received donations from 148 individuals totalling more than $13,400. The largest donation has been $5,000. 

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Mary B. Olden

For whom?


GENE here: I would put this in the category labeled inability to learn from prior experience.

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