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H-E-B Tennis Center is great, except for the lighting of the courts 

I enjoyed my trip to Kerrville this past weekend with my group to play in the Kerrville Turkey Open tennis tournament. We enjoyed the town of Kerrville, the hotel, the restaurants, and the quality of the HEB Tennis Center. However, most of the lights at the tennis center were not working, significantly impacting playing flexibility and logistics. Many matches scheduled for Saturday could not be played until Sunday. Although we would love to come back for future tournaments, we will likely not return unless the city fixes the lights.


Richard Perrella , San Antonio


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GENE here. I am sure you daughter appreciated you very insightful explanation.

Nathan Caruso

She did, Gene. She already has an exponentially better understanding of how the world works than you I’m guessing. Is there a reason you’re using your mommy’s account to post on this site?


GENE here: no doubt she does. she has your guidance.

Nathan Caruso

I can see how that would be an inconvenience on a tournament weekend, but let’s not discount the upgrades that have been made there over the years. When all the lights there are operable, it will be among the great municipal tennis centers in the country. The first time I took my daughter there, the first thing she said was, “this place is nicer than the club!”. I explained to her that when a city doesn’t spend all their money giving drug addicts free housing and providing police protection to rioters, you can have nice things. Yes I’m talking to you, Mayor Adler. Well done, City of Kerrville, on this facility.

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