In a Feb. 7 tweet, Johnny Manziel said he may never return  to football, at least not if it involves playing in the re-launched XFL.  


Manziel, a Tivy grad and Heisman Trophy winner at Texas A&M, last played in the now bankrupt Alliance of American Football. He played in 14 games for the Cleveland Browns and briefly in the Canadian Football League. 


When it comes to the XFL, Manziel was blunt: “ComebackSZN still alive if y’all ain’t know. Just not playing for another league that’s going to fold on you midway through the season.”


Manziel has made it clear he wants to play again, but under the right circumstances. 

In a follow up Tweet, Manziel said he’s prepared never to pick up a football again: “If I never pick up a ball again it’s all love. I was the most lit, most relatable college football player to ever do it. Did things my way and made it way further than I ever could of imagined. The game gave me life and I’ll forever be grateful.” 

Manziel has well documented issues with drugs and alcohol, but also said in 2018 that he suffers from bi-polar disorder.  

In another tweet, Manziel said he’s in the best place he’s been in a long time. “I’m the best I’ve been in a long time. Happy,  healthy, loving life,” he wrote. 

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